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the scenery of slhs

          There are six specialized programs offered by our school. Each program is specifically designed to train the students in their particular fields of interest. The programs are as follows:

  1. Business Management
  2. Accounting
  3. International Trade
  4. Data Processing
  5. Advertisement Design
  6. Applied Foreign Language


     Area: 51,182 square meters                 Staff: 221

     Classes:            (Day School) 67          (Night School) 15         Total :82


          The school has 27 specialized classrooms, equipped with computers, audio-visual aids, telex machines, typewriters, design and painting materials, a darkroom, and a studio. They provide the students with a realistic operational experience.

          The library is located on the 1st floor of the Students' Activities Center Building and covers 1,114.55 square meters. Its collections include 38,800 volumes of books, about 150 titles of magazines and 12 titles of newspapers.


the scenery of slhs          Extra-curricular activities have long been a major characteristic of this school.

          The Marching Band and the Honor Guards are good examples of the thirty-three extracurricular activities which promote cooperation and team spirit. These activities develop the individual's character and prepare him or her for life's long journey.


          The Night School requires four years of formal study to complete. A diploma can be obtained directly without passing the qualifying exam. Now there are three departments, which are Department of Business Management, International Trade and Applied Foreign Language. Teaching schemes and courses are generally the same as the Day School. Students can gain theory and practical experience by acquiring basic knowledge at night and working by day.

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