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          The Academic Affairs Office (AAO) consists of five sections, among which the Curriculum Section is the primary and largest. It is responsible for syllabus design, instructor assignments and scheduling, arranging contests, and supervising instruction activities. In short, its major objective is to promote the quality of teaching and learning.
         The Registrar Section is mainly in charge of admission and recruitment. It also administers exams, records exam scores, and oversees student suspensions and reinstatements. Every year around May, it organizes meetings and presentations aimed at offering seniors information about admission to colleges and universities.
         The Special Education Section is a semi-independent unit in terms of its financing and course syllabi. There is a special class for mentally handicapped students, who follow a tailored curriculum which helps them to develop social and job skills. Students with minor physical or mental illness, who are enrolled in regular classes, also receive regular personal attention from the Special Ed. Staff. Those who have difficulty learning particular subjects in large classes can apply for one-on-one tutoring.
         The Experiment and Research Section manages interning teachers, seminars, and cooperative programs with community schools.
        The Equipment Section manages audio-visual classrooms, and other facilities, as well as electronic equipment used for instruction. It also assists in the production of exam papers.


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