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::: A Brief History of the School
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1951    established as “Taipei Commercial Junior High School”
1954    renamed “Taipei Municipal Commercial School”
            the senior high division was established
1970    moved to Chungchen Rd. Shilin District
1971    Advertisement Design department was set up
1981    renamed “Shilin High School of Commerce”
1983    International Trade and Accounting departments were set up
            changed address to the current one
1988    Data Processing department was set up
2003    Applied Foreign Language department was set up 

the scenery of slhs
1951-1982 Mr. Chen Kuang-hsi
1982-1990 Mr. Li Shieng-lin
1990-1995 Mr. Chang Ming-hui
1995-1999 Mr. Hsu Sheng-che
1999-2003 Mr. Liou Cheng-ming
2003-2007 Mr. Hsu Shan-te
2007-2013 Ms. Huang Yun-chin
2013 till now Mr. Tseng ,Teng-Lung
 the scenery of slhs

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