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          The mission of the Military Instructors Office (MIO) is to carry out military and nursing education, enhance campus security, and provide guidance and assistance to students in their daily lives. MIO's philosophy emphasizes helping student acquire the virtues of service, respect, and a concern for others.
          In order to facilitate the achievement of its primary responsibilities, MIO assembles a team which evaluates the results of military and nursing lessons, and which devises better approaches to raising students' awareness of the course learning objectives.
          To enhance school security, MIO monitors students closely in order to keep violence and gangs at bay. It also patrols corners on a frequent basis to ensure a high level of safety. MIO also directs traffic at the school gate in the morning and in the afternoon. In addition, it campaigns against the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and teaches students about the dangers of engaging in unprotected sex.
          In order to help students develop a sense of responsibility and honor, MIO has a disciplinary system to deal with various kinds of misbehavior, such as tardiness, truancy, cheating, and so on. A prescribed number of points is deducted from a student's "moral conduct" points total, according to the severity of an offense. Students can make up for the loss of points by providing extra service after school.
          MIO manages a charitable fund for students in need. Most of the money has been donated by the school staff. MIO also helps overseas students adjust to their new environment by offering counseling, and by organizing activities aimed at helping them overcome homesickness.


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