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::: Site Map

 This website is constructed depending on the (accessible webpage) design principle and composed of four parts. The accesskeys of this website as follows:

  • Alt+T Top area, containing main menu of the web site.
  • Alt+P Link path area, containing the links to the page of each level. 
  • Alt+N Navigating area, the principal information of the page.
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About SLHS|
  ● History of the School|
  ● Characteristics of the School|
  ● Extracurricular Student Activities|
  ● Transportation|

  ● Business Management|
  ● Accounting|
  ● International Trade|
  ● Data Processing|
  ● Advertisement Design|
  ● Applied English Language|

  ● The Principal|
  ● Academic Affairs Office|
  ● Student Affairs Office|
  ● General Affairs Office|
  ● Counseling Office|
  ● Practice and Job Counseling Office|
  ● Library|
  ● Military Instructors Office|
  ● Personnel Office|
  ● Accounting Office|
  ● Organization Chart|
  ● Contact List|

Photo Albums|
  ● Campus Scenery|
  ● Four-Schools Alliance|
  ● Australia Olympic Games|
  ● Practical Shops|
  ● School Anniversary|
  ● Graduation Ceremony|

Resource Centers|
  ● Anti-drug-taking Center|
  ● Life Education Network|
  ● Center of Accounting Teaching Resources|

Campus Panorama|

Art Works|
  ● Computer Graphics|
  ● Photography|
  ● Modelling|
  ● Plane Design|
  ● Packing|
  ● Painting|

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ADDRESS: No.150, Shishang Rd., Shilin District, Taipei City 111081, Taiwan (R.O.C.)