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1. Purpose of the programthe scenery of slhs

          The main target of this program is to develop the students' potential in international trade, and to nurture the fundamental elites in this field. Besides, it is expected that the students can be fulfilled with the knowledge and practical skills in dealing with international trade, and put it into practice after graduation. With the theoretical basis as well as a basic understanding of the government's trade policy, we hope to mold a correct "world view" in the students, with which they can be open-minded and enthusiastic in their future career life.
          Three traits of the program can be categorized, as are listed below:
          (A) the students are the best choices
Ever since the setup of this program, the source of students in this program has been those with the highest grades in the entrance exam to public vocational high schools. The quality of students is high. And the students have always been known as being intelligent, active, and nimble.
          (B) the teaching facilities are advanced and complete
Various laboratories and specialized classrooms are set up, such as the computer lab, language lab, and automatic operation lab, etc.
          (C) the curriculum are flexible
In addition to the courses directly related to international trade, a special stress is put on the second foreign language and general business courses. The future development of this program can be versatile and multi-directional.

2. Aims of Education
          This program aims at teaching both knowledge and practical skills in the field of international trade. It is hoped that graduates can be equipped with the capacity of international trade, such as paying customs duties, communication, remittance, and insurance.

3. Curriculum
          The curriculum design is to enhance not only the students knowledge of their major, but also their basis of general business courses. Also, an emphasis is put on the practice of skills. The language training of both English and Japanese are particularly important in the program. The language abilities of reading, speaking, and writing can hopefully help the students in their future career.

4. Professional Opportunity
          There is a widened path to the job market before the graduates from this program. The ideal careers for the graduates from this program include banking personnel, trade personnel, customs personnel, international trade personnel in government offices, insurance personnel, and shipment personnel.

5. Further Studies
          For further studies, the graduates can join the entrance exams to junior colleges, business colleges, Business Education Department of National Changhua Normal University, or relevant departments in science universities or technology colleges. To be short, the further studies are not limited.

6. Conclusion
          In spite of the fact that Taiwan is an island with few natural resources, people here have created the well-known "miracle of economy". The country has been prosperous and the people wealthy. And, with doubt, it is the "international trade" that enabled this miracle. In the light of the experience and traits of Taiwan's economical development, it is expectable that the needs of international trade elites will keep increasing. The program of international trade in vocational highs is the cradle for these talents.

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